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Hydra Food Quality AnalyzerRedefining food quality inspection using the best of IoT, computer vision and machine learning

Centralized QA policy

Enforce organization-wide QA policies using our easy-to-use management console

Objective & Consistent results

Remove human bias/errors from food inspection process through the use of AI


Reduce inspection time by more than 60%

Process standardization

Standardize inspection process across various points in the supply chain

Inspection audit trial

Capture essential data and proof-points and become audit-ready

Multiple commodity support

Use the same system to analyze multiple commodities

Unified platform for QAPolicy-driven, rule-based assessment

Be it the Hydra analyzer or the Skore mobile app, they both communicate to and are governed by the configurations, policies and rules defined in our web-based management console called DeepSky. This enables organizations to realize process standardization at scale.

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Empower External Stakeholders

Real-time Insights

Any inspection-related data captured is available in real-time

Data Segregation

External stakeholders only see data relevant to their sales or purchases

Build trust

Maintaining transparency helps you build trust

Big Data Suite Accelerates Your Digital TransformationLet people communicate with data

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