We provide you with a turn-key quality assessment solution for your business 


Strawberry Quality Assessment

Raspberry Quality Assessment

Almond Quality Assessment

Scan Almonds to assess their quality attributes

Test visual quality parameters with no preparation

Comparative quality/taste/nutrient density

Seamlessly integrate with sensors and edge devices such as moisture sensors, bar code scanners,  weighing machines and other devices 

Dynamically customize the acceptance thresholds for defects based on seasonal, geographical and business acceptance criteria

Visual defects currently addressed:

    •     Serious Defects 
    •     Other Defects
    •     Split & Broken
    •     Foreign Material
    •     Chip & Scratch
    •     Doubles

    •     Discoloration

    •     Pinholes

Ensure quality meets your brand standards and your pay-for-quality metrics

Real-time audit trail

Inspect 200 Kernels in under 20 seconds

Inspect more samples for better quality product and higher profit margins

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