Hydra – AI powered food quality analyzer

Hydra is a state-of-the-art food quality analyzer integrated with advanced Machine Vision and Deep Learning technologies. It comes with an easy-to-use touch-based embedded software and can perform weight analysis, size analysis, color analysis of the commodities and has other advanced features that enable easy discovery of defects. Our solution can be used across different points in the supply chain so that food organizations can get unparalleled access to consistent and objective quality assessment process across the entire value chain.

Hydra Food Quality Analyzer

How Hydra worksHydra is powered by our patented DeepSkore-AI technology

DeepSkore AI in strawberry defect identification

Some commodities we work with














Any food commodity that can be inspected visually by the human eye, can be inspected by Hydra. And much more consistently & objectively!

Why HydraHydra offers a completely objective and consistent assessment of commodities at scale, thus making it possible for organizations to take early judgment calls and also reduce food waste.

Objective & Consistent

Audit trial of inspection

Standardized process

Operational efficiency

Higher claim-win rate

Rapidly scalable

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