We are passionate about solving complex, global food challenges.

Our Team

Miku Jha

Founder & CEO

Miku is a passionate entrepreneur and product executive with a proven track record of successfully launching and scaling products across multiple startups and companies such as VMware and IBM. As part of Senior leadership and Product team, Miku helped build and scale multiple storage, mobile software startups into well-known global companies. She was instrumental in growing the storage business as a Founding engineer at Ariodata, which was acquired by Xyratex Inc. She helped grow and scale mobile business and product at Worklight, which was acquired by IBM. She led several mobile and IoT initiatives at IBM – under Mobile First portfolio. She was responsible for successful execution of Mobile virtualization initiative at VMware under the office of the CTO. 


Miku serves on the advisory board of BetterMDM, PlainMark and MergeLane. Miku has an MBA from Cornell University and a BS (Hons.) in Computer Science from University of Mumbai.

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Rob Rourke

Head of Business

Rob O’Rourke has over 36 years experience in procurement, inspection, and sales & marketing in all major produce categories. He gained significant category management experience by working with The Partnering Group, Willard Bishop and The Perishables Group. Prior to rejoining RJO in 2007, Rob spent three years as VP of Produce/Floral for Topco Associates - a multi-billion dollar grocery co-op servicing 54 retail members throughout the country.

Dr. Amit Bhaduri

Head of Technology

Dr. Amit Bhaduri has joined AgShift on May, 2017 as the Head of Technology after having worked at Intel for 12 years as the tech lead in various organizations. He comes with a very strong background on algorithms, programming and modeling and have led various projects from inception to production. He joined Intel in 2005 after finishing his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Cincinnati. He was the lead software developer for the on-chip signal and noise integrity tool and contributed to the development of critical noise analysis features, which were used by all server, client and SoC projects. In 2011 he joined as the lead architect and built the software based ‘shift-left’ platform at Intel from scratch to enable early content validation using pre-Si models. He led virtual teams spanning different organizations and geos to spread the adoption of the tool at Intel.


In 2016, he embarked on a completely new architecture modeling effort at Intel, in order to reduce the time to market for Intel's first of a kind custom CPU product development. Amit is the author of several internal and external publications. He got the best paper award in Intel's ATC conference in 2015. He chaired ICCAD and DAC conference sessions and mentored university research teams under SRC and several interns at Intel. Outside of work, when he gets time he builds garage projects around IoT, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.


His most recent work on home surveillance has native hacks beyond port forwarding to access the device behind the home firewall with the potential to turn it into a product. He has also published a free K-12 math app in Android to promote early mathematics for kids. Amit passionately supports a charity for the underprivileged kids in West Bengal, India and has run long distance and half-marathons to raise money for other charitable causes as well.

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Naveen Tiwary

Director of Business Development & Strategy, ASEAN

Naveen oversees business strategy Growth & Operations, Programs, Finance, Solutions Engineering, and People Operations for ASEAN region. Naveen is responsible for product direction, customer success, and cultivating external strategic partnerships in ASEAN region for AgShift. Previously, Naveen worked as founder of Coinage Consultant, where he invested in various private technology businesses across multiple sectors and geographies. Prior to Coinage, he worked as head of institutional sales and business for Prudential.

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 Advisory Board

Dr. Pamela Marrone

Founder and CEO of Marrone

Bio Innovations, Inc. (MBI)

Dr. Clare Hasler-Lewis

CEO & Co-founder, OlivinoLife, Inc  Food & Beverage - science & technology Expert



Upkar Dhaliwal

IoT Strategy & Architecture

PhluidoFuture Wireless Technologies

Cognition Systems LLC

Somshankar Das

President & Co-founder, Business Accelerator Inc

Jon Zahornacky

Embedded systems and strategy

Lionel LLC

Francesco Oliveri

Experienced Technology Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the Fresh Produce industry. Embracing technology as a catalyst for innovation and profitability

Dr. Georgina Stegmayer

Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence and
Computationl Intelligence (UNL, Argentina), Independent researcher at CONICET, Argentina


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