5 Food Hubs to watch out for in the US West

Braga Organic Farms Inc
Who doesn’t love freshly picked organic pistachios, almonds, and organic food in general? At their beautiful ranch, Mike and Julie Braga and sons have been harvesting organic goods since 2000. All of their products are hand picked, packed and shipped straight from the farm, and are guaranteed the freshest product available.


Food Commons Fresno
While making locally grown produce both accessible and affordable, The Food Commons Fresno is a new economic paradigm and whole system approach for regional food. As they grow a community owned food system, they also promote health, equity, and economic development.


Capay Valley Farm Shop
As we support small businesses, Capay Valley Farm Shop is the perfect one! As they offer a wide variety of fresh and quality foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, meats, olive oils, pastured eggs, honey, and more.


Tahoe Food Hub
Creating a sustainable food system for the Lake Tahoe and Reno Area in California, Tahoe Food Hub is a nonprofit organization. With that said, smaller farmers make a big impact to communities which is more efficient to manage crops. Also, it takes part in bringing equity back into the food system so it is fair from farm to market to consumer.


LoCo Food Distribution
Developing a streamlined local sourcing, LoCo Food Distribution offers a variety of produce being grown in regions but packaged by local small businesses! Other products are manufactured by brands that help developing countries achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainable farming.