Welcome on board Dr. Georgina Stegmayer

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Georgina Stegmayer is joining our technical advisory board with immediate effect.

Prof. Stegmayer is an assistant professor in the Department of Informatics at theNational University of the Littoral (UNL), Argentina. At UNL, she leads the Bioinformatics Research Group, a team of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence experts, that focuses on design and development of algorithms and computing tools for  data fusion, integration, and knowledge discovery. She is also an independent researcher at CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council), an Argentine government agency, that directs and coordinates most of the scientific and technical research done in universities and institutes.

Announcing the news, our Founder and CEO Miku Jha said, “I am extremely pleased to announce that Prof. Stegmayer has agreed to join our technical advisory board. Prof. Stegmayer’s expertise on machine learning algorithms and her groundbreaking research initiatives will be an invaluable asset to AgShift as we continue tackling complex AI challenges pertaining to automation of the quality assessment process for select commodities. “

Commenting on the news, Prof. Stegmayer said, “The problem that AgShift team is addressing is quite pressing in today’s context, and if not attended to immediately, will snowball and adversely impact the future generations. The idea of using AI and, in particular, deep learning to help with early detection of defects across commodities so as to help food organizations take prompt decisions and thereby reduce food waste is just amazing. I am really impressed with the results AgShift has been able to achieve so far and having known Miku and her team for a while, I am confident that they have the zeal and expertise required to succeed in their mission.”

Expansion into Asia with new offices in Singapore and India

We are also pleased to inform our customers, investors, readers and well-wishers that we are expanding into Asia with new offices in Singapore and India.

“Asia is a very important market for us. We already have ongoing commercials trials in the edible nuts category with a leading global food organization in one of their facilities in east Asia. Further, we are starting another trial for inspection of shrimps, again in Asia, pretty soon. “, Jha said.

She added, “Apart from the obvious business opportunities that Asia presents, we have also received a lot of interests from the investor community there. Our Singapore office will serve as our business headquarters for the APAC region. On the other hand, our India office will focus on technology and assist our engineering team here in the valley with product development and support.”